Birthday Treats for Me!

20 05 2009

My birthday was this past Friday. As a present to myself, I set aside money for me to go to the Rock Valley Quilters’ Guild Show. I’ve been looking forward to it since I designed and printed the flyers and posters for it.

Anyway, I nearly made it out of the vendor’s hall with my wallet intact. Until I saw this panel and its coordinating fabrics:

YUMMY!! Now, I normally hate panels to death. I just can’t ever figure out what to do with them. But this one just called my name. The colors and design are just perfect. I love that deep eggplant shade, and the graceful lines are just delicious.

I had to have them, so $45 dollars later, I was the proud owner of the panel, two yards of the border print, and one half yard each of the all-over florals in purple, pink and golden cream. I’m just afraid that I’ll end up needing more than I bought, and have to order it. Thank goodness for selvages.

I also purchased a pattern for an adorable pattern for a purse by Lazy Girl Designs. When I get the bag made, I’ll post it. At JoAnn’s, I purchased myself a new, 2′ X 3′ cutting mat.

On Friday itself, I purchased a set of vinyl nesting boxes. They’re perfect for keeping quilting projects in. I would have purchased the second set that we had on Saturday, but a friend of mine had to have a set too. So, now I’m on the hunt for something similar in order to have additional storage. I love the clear vinyl, because I can see my progress.

In additional news, I’m one day ahead on the nine patch quilt along at twenty-fout blocks. I’ve also separated out the rest of the fabrics I need to cut down for this project. My only rules are that there be distinction between the two fabrics in each patch, and that I use up all those cuts of fabric that amount to 1/8th of a yard or less. As a result, I’m going to have a bajillion 2.5″ squares coming out of my ears, but I figure I’ll make a scrappy Irish Chain or another top that’s been living in my head for a while. I’ll also have a ton of longer scraps leftover that I’ll probably do a paper-pieced strip quilt at some point in the near future.




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