Paper Piecing…

22 06 2009

I’ve had New York Beauty paper piecing patterns printed for about six months now, from Ula’s Free Patterns. I’ve been debating actually using them for about a month. I’ve been hesitating because I’ve never paper pieced before.

Today, I finally got motivated and pulled them out:

I like the look of the blocks (Update 6/26 – I changed out the black & white print in the second block to a black on grey print) , but paper piecing just feels like so much work! It doesn’t feel as intuitive as normal piecing does.

As you can see the fabrics are fairly coordinated in each block, but I’m not looking at these blocks to have the same colors all the way through them.

I don’t want to stop, but I definitely need something to keep motivated. What do you think? Do the blocks work? Is this the beginning of a scrappy New York Beauty quilt?




One response

26 02 2012

I made a NYB table topper and love it. But a table topper is just about enough paper piecing for me. I doubt I could do a whole quilt of paper NYBs. Yours are very beautiful. Whoa–how about a NYB tote bag! Cheers everybody.Gamboler

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