Glutton for Punishment

16 07 2009

Doll Quilt Swap 7 is open for registration. The first 200 sign-ups will be accepted, guaranteed. Visit the Flickr group for information on how to join.

I’m apparently insane, and don’t have enough on my plate, so I’ve sent in my sign-up. I spent part of this evening skipping through Flickr and marking some of my favorite quilt images.

This is okay, really. I’ve actually figured out what I’ll be doing for my ‘In the Good Ol’ Summertime’ Mini-Quilt Swap partner. Look for sneaky peak pics over the next couple of weeks. Now that I have a plan, I’m inspired! I’m thinking teals, oranges, and white. Maybe with a splash of hot pink as a zinger color. Nice and bright, and very summer!

I might have to make two of this mini-quilt, just so that I won’t miss this quilt when I mail it to my partner.

The downside to being in these two particular swaps is that both swaps are due for mailing within a week of each. This makes is that much more important that I get cracking NOW. If I end up with a second international partner, shipping costs are going to be painful.

It doesn’t look like I’ll be quilting the nine-patch top any time soon 😦 My mother-in-law has moved into an apartment in the next building over. Totally thrilled about this! I love my MIL – she is the sweetest woman. The downside? Building her furniture. My husband has his strengths, but following directions and assembling furniture correctly is not one of them. It looks like I will be spending tomorrow evening building a desk and chair for her. Tonight, I’m putting together my husband’s new desk.

Yay for late night assembly and rearranging. For those of you lucky enough to enjoy some quilting, enjoy a little for me 🙂




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