Stash Attack and More

24 07 2009

So, after spending a soul-sucking day at work (yay, retail!) I was determined to finish up the nine-patch quilt. It’s been quilted for about four days. I just needed to do the binding, for which I’d purchased the fabric last week.

Is this not the most scrumptious polka dot?? I love this print. It’s a Heidi Grace print. I saw it in the store, and immediately knew that this would be the binding. I’d been looking for something bright, fun and polka-dotted. I’d originally thought a red with white dots would be the binding, and had even bought the fabric… The fabric distorted when I hit it with my iron. Awesome. So anyway, then I found this delicious lime green with bright dots. I bought enough for the binding and extra to go in my stash.

I probably spent too much time at Joann’s this week. For the last month or so, I’ve been finding it difficult to find anything that really caught my eye. The biggest exception was the lime green binding fabric.

Yesterday broke that streak. I decided to photograph everything that I’d purchased recently. From left to right: Reagan’s Closet by Heidi Grace, Daydream Believer by Heidi Grace, Brown with Green and White Polka Dots, Brown with Green and White Spirals, a Debbie Mumm fabric.

I was definitely feeling the browns and the dots. Normally I think that Debbie Mumm is just way too country, but this aqua and brown fabric just caught my eye.

I would have taken pictures of the nine-patch quilt, but I have to pull the stitches out of one side of the binding and re-stitch it. Somehow, despite pinning the heck out of the thing, my stitches failed to catch the edge of the quilt top (?!?!?!). The other three sides worked perfectly, so I’m completely confused. Ah, well. Tomorrow’s another day, and once that fix is done, I can throw it right into the washer and dryer. With any luck, it’ll be nicer out, and I’ll be able to photograph the quilt outside on the lawn.

There’s more, I’m sure, like the fact that I picked out the fabrics for one of my quilts swaps. I’m now sufficiently wound down from sewing that I simply don’t care to continue this particular post. I’ll show off those fabric selections tomorrow, when I’m less tired. With that, happy quilting to everyone. I’m going to crawl into bed 🙂




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