For My DQS7 Partner…

28 07 2009

Hello to my DQS7 partner!

I figured I ought to give up some more details about myself, expound on the fairly succint form that I submitted. The problem is where to start… Often I find it easier to define the things that I don’t like. Well, let’s start there then.

1.) I am not a pastel girl, at all. I love my colors to be strong and vibrant. I’m more often drawn to jewel tones: sapphire, ruby, amethyst. Oddly enough, despite it being my birthstone, I’m not really into emerald or other shades of green.

2.) I don’t dig reproduction prints at all. I like modern, expressive, funky prints. I just adore stuff with an Art Deco, or Art Nouveau flair. I’m addicted to paisley – I still haven’t figured that one out… I don’t like plaid, country, or folksy.

3.) I’m really not into the whole “art” quilt thing. I like to look at something and see a definitive image. It’s why I’m not so into the whole abstract art thing either. I like function with my form, I suppose.

4.) I don’t like kits. I like the idea of having just created a unique piece of art.

Hmm… I think that’s it for the “dislikes” section. At least, that’s what I can define at the moment. Let’s move on to the “likes” and “random factoids” portion of the evening.

1.) I have been known to purchase fabric because of its sheer ugliness. I am driven by some need to make something spectacular out of those uglies, or challenge fabrics. Truthfully, I think those “uglies” make spectacular zinger fabrics.

2.) Fabric designers that I love include Jinny Beyer, Gudrun Erla, Tracy Porter, Heidi Grace.

3.) I buy for my stash, not necessarily for a quilt. I see something I like, and I purchase it to percolate in the back of my mind until a full-fledged quilt expresses itself to me.

4.) I began quilting as a scrap quilter. I will probably die a scrap quilter, though I occasionally dip my toe into the coordinated fabric pool.

Hmmm… That’s everything I can think of for the moment. I’m sure there’s more, but I’m also sure I will love whatever quilt I receive.




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