Digital Scrapbooking…

1 08 2009

So, in an attempt to re-invigorate my interest and justify the disgusting amounts of money I’ve spent on it, I’ve decided to post about my digital scrapbooking here as well.

I love scrapbooking. I do. It’s a wonderful hobby, and a way to make sure the memories actually mean something more than a stack of photos moldering away in a box. I just hated doing it the traditional way: Cut up pictures, cut up paper, tape/paste/otherwise attach all items together.

I’m a digital girl when it comes to creating pretty paper things – which is just funny considering that my other, primary hobby is something as traditional as quilting. So, shortly after my son was born, I discovered digital scrapbooking and a whole community of designers who create digital kits that allow me the freedom to make up a scrapbook on my computer.

I LOVE digi-scrapping. There’s no wasted materials. I don’t have to buy two of everything if I want to make another book for someone else. I can reuse as much as I want. I can play with layouts as much as I want, because I’m not committed to anything!

With all this said…

This is the title page for my son’s scrapbook. Look at that precious face! The paper is from’s Family Memories Collaboration Kit and the lettering is by Jennifer M. Tripetti, from her “Tough Guy” kit.

This is the second page for the book. Everything on this page is from Jennifer M. Trippetti’s “Tough Guy” kit.

When I’m happy with the number of pages I’ve got done, I’ll get the book professionally printed and bound. I’ll need at least two copies – one for us, and one for my mother-in-law. I’m debating just doing three or four. That adds one copy for Zeb and his family when he’s older and one for my father.




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