Summertime Quilt Swap

17 12 2009

It took a few tries, but my mini-quilt finally reached the Netherlands!!  My partner was Heleen over at dutch colours.  Heleen is a wonderful talented and creative quilter, and I love dropping by her blog to see what she’s working on.

Anyway, now that Heleen finally has the quilt in hand, here’s a photo of it (courtesy of Heleen, since I forgot to take a pic of it before sending it out the door!):

I had a lot of fun making this one, tried a few new things, like quilting on my new sewing machine using the walking foot, and using some of the decorative stitches on my machine to anchor the star down.  My favorite polka-dot fabric made an appearance in the center circle and the binding.  I wish I’d been able to afford a whole bolt of that stuff!



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