A Give-Away at Park City Girl

18 12 2009

Amy at Park City Girl is hosting a give-away to celebrate her 400th post.  I can only imagine 400!  I love to drop in and check out what she’s working on, and I especially love that she hosts the Bloggers’ Quilt Festival.  It’s always fun for me to see what other quilters have made.

The prize is as follows (quoted from Amy’s post):

“A set of 8 Meadowsweet Fat Quarters has been donated by Quilted Treasures! You may have the group shown or pick your favorites from what they have in stock. Many, many thanks to Kristina for making this happen!”

 Super cute fabrics!  I’m going to take a jaunt over to Quilted Treasures myself and take a peek at their wares.  I’m always super excited to try and support the shops and proprietors that support my favorite bloggers.

In further news, I’ve finished the arcs for the second Phoenix Unbound, and gotten to the point of ripping the paper off of them.  Now, I just need some time to be able to sit and do the rest of it.

Eventually, I’ll find my camera and post pics of my progress… But at least I’m sewing!




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