More Birthday Blocks

25 01 2010

I’ve had these finished for about five days now..  I’ve been skipping about as the mood strikes me, though I did attempt the first of the Wonky Houses for missmonnyquilts.  That was a spectacular failure in so many way.  Not only did I somehow miss the specification for ‘bright houses’, I managed to put my last white strip (making the block the requested 12.5″) on backwards.  Don’t ask me how.. I don’t get it.  Tonight, once munchkin goes down, I’ll be trying my hand at it again.

At any rate, I’ve finished the Tennessee Blocks for grain_damaged.  I’m super pleased with them, and LOVE the fabrics in them.  The combination of black with the bright batiks has my heart positively singing with happiness.  I’m inspired, and I have to get more of the Kona Cotton in black to make myself a batik and black Double Wedding Ring Quilt.  I’m finding that I really love the Kona Cottons and their weight and hand.




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