My Process…

27 06 2010

I did it…  I jumped on the Process Pledge bandwagon.

…And that’s a good thing.

I tend to go from spark of an idea, directly to mostly finished project, with very little record of how I got from Point A to Point ZZ, never mind the tangents that occurred on that particular journey.

Thanks to this pledge, I’ve already done a far better job of documenting my inspirations sketches in the last two months than I have in the entire previous fourteen years of quilting.

Part of my lack of documentation is that I never needed to document anything.  I have a very visual mind, with excellent spatial planning skills, as well as the practical quilting skills to make my project match my mental vision.  I can look at a fabric, and know what I want to do with it.  I can picture the final item, with very little trouble.

Now, I’m carrying around a three ring binder, with blank pages of notebook paper in it, along with a black ball point pen.

Why a pen?  So I can’t second guess my original gut instinct.  I’m often most happy with my initial design idea.  Why ruin a good thing with second guesses?

Why black? If a design can stand on it’s own in black and white, it can stand the addition of color.  And it leaves a lot of room to imagine different color schemes.  

It’s kind of inspiring too…  If I remember to record it all, I end up recording the mental creative tangents that might have otherwise gotten lost, and then I can follow those threads at a later time.


Expect to see more here on this blog about working from start to finish.  Surprisingly, this pledge has actually made me more motivated to move forward with my projects.




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