One Thing, One Week Challenge

27 07 2010

Amy over at Amy’s Creative Side is hosting a weekly challenge, the One Thing, One Week Challenge.  To participate, all one has to do is decide on ONE goal to accomplish in a week’s time.  This first week ended on Tuesday, July 27, 2010.

My goal, as stated in the comments for that post, is:

“…to finish up the top for my newest flying geese wall-hanging. I’ve been having weird issues with it, and the thing seems to have a mind of its own. I had an over-all plan, but then it decided it wants to be something else.”

I worked on this top while at the most recent meeting of the Milwaukee-Madison Modern Quilt Guild, and had the vertical rows all done.  I thought I was done, until I set a row of geese that I was going to discard along the top of the thing, running horizontally.  

Well, nothing else would do until I got enough fabric to add two more strips of geese along the top and bottom.  A chance comment from Kait, a guild member, convinced me that ‘Flying Geese III’ needed to undergo a name change.

But without any further ado…

Say ‘hello’ to ‘Escapees’!  (Those silver dots?  I have this baby pin-basted already!!)

I’m quite happy to be able to say that I completed my goal, well before today’s deadline.  It took an emergency trip to Tea & Textiles in Jefferson, WI, but I did it!  See, I had originally started this quilt using some purchased acrylic templates.  Well, lo and behold, the acrylic templates were not accurate.  My geese started flying in arcs instead of orderly rows.  

That’s what I get for not doing my own math.  

So, anyway, I finished the vertical stripes, and realized that I needed a half yard each of the blue and burnt umber solids.  The shop still had them in stock, though my burnt umbers look to be out of two different dye batches, as there’s a small variation in the shade.  While buying the fabric to do the geese over again, I decided to use the burnt umber solid for the backing.  I also picked up Aurifil in two coordinating shades:

I have a quilting plan in mind, and I’m intrigued to see how my machine likes the Aurifil.  But anyway, let’s see how long it takes me to get it quilted and bound.




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