Think Modern Thursday #2 – A Top by The Sewbot

13 08 2010

One of my first experiences with online swaps was Doll Quilt Swap 7.  It was a wonderful learning process, and I think I am about ready to participate in another DQS.  I’ll have to wait until DQS 10, though, as 9 is well underway.  Still, I love to poke through the DQS flickr group for inspiration on a regular basis.

I came across this:

DQS9 - In progress - Waiting for pins

Jessica, also known as The Sewbot, is a woman after my own heart!  She’s a self-described “supernerd”, which just makes me giggle, as I’d totally slap that label on my own person.  Check out her blog or her flickr. She’s incredibly talented, and I love her color sense!

Which brings me to the top above…  Need I say that I’m totally jealous of her swap partner?

I love the asymmetry in this top, and the medley of bright oranges is just superb.  (I went through an orange fabric buying phase, and this top makes me want to play with them!)  It’s even better that there are so many polka dots!  The big black polka dots help to tie in the center panel without making it obvious that they’re bringing a little balance.

I love, love, love the tone on tone, layered circles in the center.  They make me think of a jumble of planets against the dark vastness of space.  I’m really digging how the aqua just leaps out at me.  The contrast between the hard lines of the triangles and the curves of the circles create an amazing unity.

Thank you, Jessica, for allowing me to showcase this top!




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