Think Modern Thursday #3 – A Mini-Quilt by flossybossy

19 08 2010

DQS9 (or check out the flickr) is going to provide plenty of inspirational fodder for me!  Today’s modern example also hails from a participant of this round, Brioni, also known as flossybossy.  And, yes, it’s another example of a solely solids quilt.  I just can’t get away from them!!

It's done!
Once again, I’m totally jealous of whomever is going to receive this little gem, which is really odd, because it’s in a softer color palette than I would normally go in.  
So, what’s so modern about this one?  
Check out those flying geese!  Traditional flying geese blocks are comprised of three triangles, where the length is twice the height.  Very simple.  These flying geese come in a variety of acute angles, defying the standard.
That pop of chocolate/burgundy in the center is genius.  The contrast of that rich, saturated hue against the (in comparison) effervescent pastels is wonderful.  
The back Speaking of effervescence, the pebble quilting is perfection against the otherwise harsh angles.  I love the way the dense quilting pops out the shape of the un-quilted portions of the quilt.  
Even  better?  This isn’t a square quilt!  It’s a hexadecagon!  (Yeah, I totally had to look that up, lol.) That’s 16-sided!  I’m envious of how neat the binding looks on this quilt, but that’s more a commentary on my total lack of binding skillz.  *glares at WIP*

Anyway, to see more of flossybossy’s awesomeness, check out her blog.



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