Think Modern Thursday #5 – Bee Mod Quilt

3 09 2010

Today’s quilt is sort of a two-for-one deal.

Get ready for this…

It’s double-sided!

This particular quilt is the joint effort of the Bee Mod Quilting Bee, though it belongs to Lauren, aka uppitygirl on flickr.  They are all also members of the L.A. Modern Quilt Guild.  The talent of these quilters makes me so jealous.

Bee mod quilt, circle side

I love this side!  I’m totally biased, and this is my favorite side.  I love the circles.  I keep wanting to do circles in a quilt, but I’m a little intimidated.  I think my favorite block is the one in the bottom row, second from the left.  The combination of turquoise and that rich sunshine yellow just makes me happy.  I love that the white, for me, enhances the quilt, instead of overwhelming it.  That’s the way I normally see white in quilts now, anyway, a detraction, drawing my eye away from everything else.

Bee mod quilt, square side
This side may make me revise my opinion on non-symmetrical/wonky log cabin blocks.  I’m not a big fan, never have been.  I think it’s the lack of structure, oddly enough.  I’m just not a wonky kind of gal, as you all know.  I’ve made a couple of wonky log cabin blocks, but not a complete quilt.  I might have to try my hand at a mini-quilt, just to test it out completely for myself.
I love the strong, highly graphic prints throughout this quilt.  I really love that each side has a theme that unifies all of the blocks, while each stands on its own.  The very selective color palette is awesome, proof that we don’t need a riot of colors to make a visual statement.  
I think what makes this quilt so intriguing to me, visually, is that these are all disparate, yet unified, visions of several different artists.  Each of them put their own spin on the end goal.  You can almost catch glimpses of their personalities in each block.



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