I Must Be Insane…

11 09 2010

…because it’s 11:41 as I start this post, and I’m still not in bed.  I need to be up by 0600 in order to get myself and Zeb ready for the day.  Me?  I’m still going to the Madison Quilt Expo.  Zeb will be spending the day with Grandma again, as hubby has to work.

So, why am I still up?

I volunteered to bring chips and cookies for our tailgate lunch tomorrow at the Expo.  I went the easy route with the chips, and bought one of those assortment deals.  Done.  Easy.

The cookies?

I decided to bake them.  That’s the part where I’m officially nuts.  I made peanut butter cookies and chocolate chip cookies.  I even decided to experiment a bit, and used whole wheat flour to replace half of the white flour.  I tried the peanut butter.  Not bad.  It’s been a long time since I had peanut butter cookies, though, so who knows if they’re actually any good?  Same goes for the chocolate chip.  New recipe, with the whole wheat substitution.

Everyone gets to be my guinea pigs tomorrow.  If the cookies are a success, I’ll share my recipes.  If not, I’ll bury the cookies and hope no one finds them.

Oh, and just to balance out the fact that I’m falling off the diet wagon with the cookies and chips, I’m packing carrots and celery sticks.  Maybe I can balance out the guilt with some healthy snacks.




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