Madison Quilt Expo

16 09 2010

Okay, you all know how I felt coming out of the vendor hall of the Nancy Zieman Madison Quilt Expo…  Disappointed and underwhelmed.

Such was not the case with the quilts on display.  I took a stupid number of photos…  Something like 225.  Admittedly, there were 300 or so quilts on display.  Let me say right away, I only took photos of the quilts that amazed me with the skill that went into that, or those that just made me go, ‘Oooo, pretty…”  That still worked out to be 175 quilts.

Let me tell you, uploading all of those to my Photobucket account was not fun.

Anyway, I have to do this in two parts.  Photobucket only allows 100 images in a slide show.

Yes, I know…  I have hugely eclectic tastes.  And I apologize for the utter crap that some of these photos are. My good camera met Zeb, and came out much the worse for that short, short acquaintance.

It was kind of thrilling for me to see some of these quilts, which I had seen profiled in Quilter’s Newsletter, up close and personal.  Getting to see that kind of workmanship…  I am awed.

And now that I’ve just made your screens all prettified, I’ll leave you to drool.  I’ll be back with another post to detail my very small haul from this particular show.




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