Think Modern Thursday #6 – Modern Quilt for an Old Friend

16 09 2010

How do you all like the new logos for my weekly segments?  I’m really feeling the graphic design bug lately, and have no problem working it.  Thank goodness that the muses are actually awake, caffeinated and talking.  

I’ll be incorporating these into my sidebar sometime this week, and list each individual segment, so that they can all be found quickly and easily.  

It’s amazing what comes to me at nearly 3 AM…

Anyway, on to Think Modern Thursday #6 (finally!):

This week’s offering comes to us courtesy of Amy.  Check out her flickr, and her blog, Diary of a Quilter, is a great read!  Also check out her Uber-Beginning Quilt-a-long at Make and Takes.

Modern Quilt

The first thing that caught my eye about this quilt was, obviously, the solids.  So much solids love going on in this corner of blog-land!  It’s even better that the solids aren’t the grays I’ve been seeing everywhere. (And there’s totally nothing wrong with gray – I’m still in love with it!)  Browns are good.  Very good, in this case!  I really like combination of the dark chocolate brown with the kraft paper brown.

I’m really enjoying the simplicity of the shapes in this quilt.  It’s the perfect way to showcase some of those great graphic prints out there.  I love how the solids unify the whole thing, so that the prints don’t have to come even close to coordinating.  My eye is actually caught most by the pops of deep orange and yellow.  I love how they contrast with the dark brown.

I’m actually very tempted to make a quilt inspired by this one.  Unfortunately, my stash seriously lacks big and bold prints, since I have a habit of buying primarily tone on tone prints.  Hmm.. Maybe I should start a swap.  

Hehehe… a BBC swap, perhaps?  Big Bold Charms?  I kind of like that.  Any one want in?  Leave a comment!  I’ll determine if I actually run the swap based on response.

Anyway, I digress!  Thank you very to Amy, for allowing me to highlight her wonderful quilt here, as well as for inspiring me to actually get off my duff and do something – even if it is running a swap! 😉



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