A New Goal!

19 09 2010

Debi, of …Quilting with Debi, is hosting a 2010 Fall into Fall Quilter’s Blog Give-away.  She would like to reach a goal of 200(!!) quilting bloggers, each one hosting their own give-away.  Each give-away is to begin October 1, with a winner being selected October 15.

Now, I’ve been considering doing a give-away of my own for some time.  It’s taken something like a year and a half, but I’m finally coming up on the 100th post marker!

*insert giddy squeal of joy here*  Heehee ūüėČ

Having said this, I’m thinking I want to coincide my 100th post with the beginning of the 2010 Fall into Fall Quilter’s Blog Give-away, and make Number 100 another milestone for my blog: my FIRST give-away!

I almost can’t believe that I haven’t hosted one thus far, but really, I just haven’t had the “oomph” to do so.  Particularly since, I never really thought that I would get into the whole blogging thing, or that I would have that much to say about quilting.

I guess I was wrong on both counts, huh?

But anyway…  Lookie, lookie!  A preview!

Okay, now… Having shown you these scrum-diddly-umptious fabrics…  No, you’re not getting these fabrics.  Well, you are – in a way.  I will be making  a lovely little mini-quilt for one lucky winner!!  I will unveil the actual mini-quilt to be won on October 1st, so keep watch here.  Maybe even spread the word, cause it’s going to be AWESOME!!

Having said that, it’s time for me to get some of my mad (not) skillz on and get started.  I have to be ready for this!




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