WTF Wednesday #3 – There’s Seriously a Pattern for THAT??

29 09 2010

As I wander through various quilting stores and different quilting-related websites, I am constantly amazed at the sheer number of patterns out there for quilts.

I am further amazed by the number of patterns that make me exclaim, “They seriously bothered to write up a pattern for this?!?”

Now, I’m not adverse to patterns.  I’ve actually purchased a grand total of two, and they were appliqué patterns.  I simply don’t have the ability to draw a smooth line to end up with a nice looking templates that niche nicely together to create a cohesive image.

However, as a quilter who knows how to plan out my quilts, and can do basic math, I’m horrified by some of the patterns out there!  Worst of all, it’s not just free patterns that probably didn’t need a write-up, but there are folks making money on this stuff.

And, yes, I am totally aware that there are individuals out there who would prefer to simply pick up a pattern, and not have to think about what their quilt will look like at the end.  Seriously, though?  Why are there instructions for this??

To the right is a freebie from Fat Quarter Shop.  Baby Four Patch Free Crib Quilt Pattern  Yeah, it’s free.  But really?  It’s a bunch of four patch squares mixed with squares of an equal size into larger four patch units, with the orientation of the squares alternating by rows.

Not hard, and easily worked out just by looking at this a little more closely.  And why go with a pattern at all?  Once you’ve seen the basic breakdown of this pattern, it’s so simple to make this one a cute, scrappy quilt and make it as large or small as you want.

To the left is another freebie, this time from Amy Butler.  Nora’s Mid Mod 2 Quilt

Another one that’s not hard to work out, sans pattern.  The pieced strips are just a variation on Stacked Coins, or Chinese Coins as I always think of them…  Each piece is a different width, but they’re all the same height.

Pair with stripes of solid that are the same height and length, and, bam!, super simple utility quilt.  I’d personally go with fabrics that stand out from the solid more, go with some contrast, but easy peasy.

Now, lest you think I’m picking fun only at the free patterns:  Denyse Schmidt’s Stacking the Odds.  Purchasable all over the net, and possibly at your LQS.

Done with Schmidt’s usual flair for the off-kilter, the pattern’s description even baldly admits that it draws from Chinese Coins:
Denyse Schmidt Quilts Stacking The Odds Pattern- Fresh, modern, and yet timeless, this quilt’s inspiration is drawn from Chinese Coin quilts.”

She just cut them at slight angles, made sure that no seams directly matched up and slapped some wide, white borders on it and called it a day.  Average cost for this one?  About $15.

You know what?  I’d rather buy the two yards of fabric that I could get with that $15.

These next two, you can get directly from Elizabeth Hartman herself.  Elizabeth is the Elizabeth of Oh, Fransson! fame.

I haven’t purchased either of these patterns, so I don’t know what else is included in the “More Simple Modern Baby Quilts” pattern bundle, other than the one pictured.  But really, it’s just framed squares.  That’s it.

Pick a size for your center square – heck, use your favorite square ruler to cut around, add borders, and be done with it.

Mixtape Quilts II actually caught my eye, and made me think, for a moment, that I might actually buy this one.  It’s cute, has a lot of solid sashing, and is really colorful.

Unfortunately, it’s a just variation of rail fence quilts.  That basic block is just comprised of strips of varying widths cut into equal-sized squares and then sashed.  For me, this would be another scrap buster.

Cute, but not worth the $10 price tag for either of them.

So, thanks, folks, for taking the time to write up directions.  Me?  I’ll be sticking with my trusty graph paper and colored pencils, if I even bothered to break them out for a quilt top like this..  Heck, if I feel the need to be super techy about it, I’ll re-install EQ5, or even just draw it up in Photoshop.




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