WTF Wednesday #4 – WTF Happened to My Sewing Mojo?!?

13 10 2010

WTF Wednesday is my day to sound off on the various things that irk me.  I try to keep these quilting-related, since this is a quilting blog.  These are my opinions and I don’t expect anyone else to share them, or even agree with them.  This is my day to turn my internal censors off, and just vent.  

Having said this, this Wednesday I get to poke fun at myself.

Work life has started to intrude on real life, and my sewing time.

It shows.  Oh, dear god, does it ever show.

Unfortunately, it’s not just a general lack of time.  Working between 40 and 50 hours a week means I basically get to come home, make dinner, and keep the kiddo entertained until bedtime.  Normally, I’d spend the hours between 11 P.M. and 2 A.M. (after getting Zebediah to finally pass out somewhere around 10 P.M.) sewing myself to sleep.  Right now, with my work hours so extended, I’m lucky to not just fall asleep with Zeb, so I’m missing out on two to four hours of sewing time.

Anyway, yeah, not just the general lack of time.

Apparently, I’m just doomed to fail right now.

Thank goodness I’m not trying to do anything more complicated than put together some blocks for the birthday block swap.

Or not.  *facepalm*  This was supposed to be a simple Crown of Thorns block, with some differences in color for some variation.

What on earth was I doing??  That photo…  That was after “unsewing” three times and fixing errors in placement.

Not kidding.

I totally thought the block was done, and was getting ready to give it to Sandi to include in a hug quilt for a dear friend.  Then I looked at it again.  I actually did a double take.  *sigh*  I am clearly not meant to chain piece and chat at the same time.

This was the worst offender.  The Sawblades blocks I made the other day (and have yet to show off) suffered from similar problems.   Soon, I have to make Spinner blocks.  I shudder to think about the damage I can do to such simple blocks.

If I wasn’t such an addict, I might actually think about quitting.




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