Halloween Hilarity

2 11 2010

Be warned…  The second video is long.  The first one clocks in at 4:45, but the second comes in at 13:02.

I know I just posted about being very done with the holiday season already…  Well, I’m determined not to give up (just yet anyway).  I want my son to get a chance to enjoy the holidays, and that pretty much means that I have to be in the spirit, since Zebediah is a mama’s boy, through and through.

Well, to that end, I decided that carving a pumpkin would be a great introduction to Halloween.  I mean, you’ve got to have a Jack O’Lantern, right?

This was only the beginning… I really, honestly thought Zeb would be thoroughly disgusted by the idea of having pumpkin guts all over his hands.  He’s very particular about gooey stuff on his hands, so much so that he refuses to finger paint or to use Play-Doh.

All I have to say, is thank goodness I put down that old bed sheet before starting the process!  As it was, I had to clean pumpkin membrane and seeds off of the cabinets directly behind Zeb.  He kept losing grip on the stuff as he brought his hand back to fling the pumpkin goop at me.  I’m also very glad I stripped him down to the diaper before starting this endeavor.  He went straight from pumpkin flinging to the bathtub.
We never did end up carving the pumpkin…  I started drawing in the cutting lines on the pumpkin, and Zeb decided he wanted in on the act.  So, he took the Sharpie and began drawing on the pumpkin.  My response to this was, “Do you want to paint the pumpkin instead, Zeb?”
His response was an enthusiastic “Ya!”
So, we got out the paints, and started painting the pumpkin.  Things sort of… degenerated from there.  Long story short, Zeb and I ended up painting only one-third of the pumpkin, but 75% of the kitchen floor (yay linoleum!).  There are pictures of this, but they’re on the other memory card apparently, and I’m much too warm and comfortable to budge out of my cocoon on the couch.




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