Psyching Up to Clean..

5 11 2010

My sewing room is a disaster.  Thanks to not having done much sewing over the last couple of months, it’s once again become a dumping ground.  The things that have come to live in here:

  • several plastic musical instruments for Rock Band
  • a booster seat for Zeb to eat at a table
  • the chair from a table/chair set for Zeb
  • a puppy dog costume that was too large for Zeb to wear this year
  • a bucket (why? I don’t know!)
  • several toys (Thanks, Zeb)
  • a broom that is broken into two pieces
  • a pair of my husband’s Converse shoes
  • some cardboard that never made it to the recycling bin
  • several reusable shopping bags
I can’t take it.  I can’t create in a setting like this.  Hell, I can’t even cook if I have dirty dishes in the sink.  How can I make pretties when I keep looking around and thinking that my sewing room is a crying shame?  I have scraps all over the floor, because Zeb likes to roll in them, but why is so much of my stash living on the floor too?
I’d share pictures, but I’m so ashamed.  
Again, UGH.
I’ll be back once I’ve restored order.



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