Sewing at Last!!

22 11 2010

After working 51.5 hours this week, with my first day off in nearly two weeks going to be Thanksgiving, I finally broke my no-sew streak.


I always forget how much sewing clears my mind and makes me feel better. It’s so cathartic and freeing. I really need to remember to schedule some time each day to just do this.

Anyway, what did I break my no-sew-streak with? The Christmas Cactus Quilt Along! But not in either of the color ways I had originally decided on…

I know.  Pretty boring so far, right?  Just the brown and white…  But throw in some pink and orange.

Oh, but then there’s a light blue fabric with brown micro dots!
Two days, four copies of six blocks.  I’m taking the tact of piecing my HSTs as I need to.  That’s because I just KNOW that I’ll end up missing a bunch.  But I do have a bunch of 2″ and 3″ squares stuffed in a baggie that I can pull out and sew when I’m ready to.



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