Winner, Winner!

3 01 2011

So, I’m a little late, but I ended spending the morning dealing with some family drama…  Too make a long story short, I’m short a brother, but other situations in the family might be fixed.

Anyway, that’s not anything I need to dump on you all..

So that makes our winner:

Congrats, Terri!  I’m sending you an e-mail with the CSN gift code!

2011 Quilts and Tops

The above four pictures are the total sum of my quilty accomplishments for 2010.   Not a lot.  Not a lot at all.
But, you know, I’m okay with it.
This year will be different.  I’ve got plans!
1.) All of my quilt tops, with the exception of my Grandmother’s Fan top, will be completed into quilts this year.
2.) I will do a Double Wedding Ring Quilt-along on this this blog.  I think it’ll start towards the end of February – I’ve got to figure out yardages and everything.
3.) I will start a quilting-related comic, as soon as I have a few drawn and ready to go.
4.) I’ll be making a Dear Jane quilt, along with Sandi and Karrie.
5.) I’ve plans for a mystery quilt…  I have to finalize the design, figure yardages.
6.) I want to join more quilt swaps this year, but we’ll see how that goes.  Time might still be a dicey thing, since my boss wants to open a store in the mall.  
7.) I want to start a weekly skill-building segment, working my way through color and fabric choices all the way through to bias-binding a quit.  That too looks like it’ll begin in February, and start running on Saturdays.
I’ve a lot that I’d like to do, obviously.  The only real limitation is me, really, and how much time I’m willing to dedicate to myself, my creativity, and this blog.  But, I’m all fired up, even though I’m coming off of a stupid number of work hours in December, and recovering from a nasty cold that’s taken residence in my sinuses.
Honestly, this is probably the best that I’ve felt going into a new year.  I don’t think I’ve ever gone into a new year feeling like I could actually grab my life by the reins and produce the results that I want.



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