Laffy Taffy Basket

17 02 2011

A particular print is often my starting point and inspiration for a new quilt.  I draw from it the basic shapes and color palette that will be used.

The fabric to the left is just such a print.  I was growing increasingly frustrated with my creative side for not rising to the DQS 10 challenge.  My swap partner seems to have far more traditional taste than I do, and I was stymied.  Finally, I gave myself permission to buy some fabric at my local Joann’s.  This print is what I found.

I was still at a creative impasse, though, so I quite literally slept on the issue.  My sleeping brain had obviously had enough with my waking brain, and I woke up with the final image of this quilt.  It obsessed me, and I needed to make another trip to Joann’s.

Yeah, that’s what I came home with.  Okay, so there was more, (I mean, I spent $100 – bad, bad me!!) but this stuff is what’s important at the moment.  The other stuff isn’t ready for a reveal yet 😉

Some playing and drawing, cutting and sewing, debating sizes and borders, and options…  A decision to simply let the quilt do what it wanted and to stop second-guessing my instincts occurred, and it was freeing.  I have to remember that feeling – and that I actually do know what I’m doing.

Apparently, my signature design element is going to be including a New York Beauty blog in every swap quilt I do from now on…   What can I say?  I love that block and its potential for variety.

This will eventually have appliqued flowers and a basket handle.  The on-point block will be squared off with stripes of the bright colors seen in the second picture.  I’ll probably include more from my stash for an increase in palette options.  The binding will be the small brown print, and the backing will be the inspiration print.

This mini already has a name – “Laffy Taffy Basket”.  Thank you to Sandifor inspiring the name with your comment about the fabric looking like taffy!  With any luck, I can the top done and ready for quilting very soon.




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