5 03 2011

of being sick…  Disease is the gift that keeps on giving in my household.

I’ve been down for a week now.  I managed to go to work on Wednesday and Thursday, but was freezing through both shifts.  Why?  I was running a fever both days.

I went into Urgent Care this morning, and got put on Mucinex D.  I also have a prescription for Augmentin, which I should take should the Mucinex not do its job.  I have to work Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  I’m really hoping I’m mostly over this junk – I hate to miss more work than I have to, and I’m tired of feeling like something I stepped in.

I do have a lot of news, but it’ll have to wait until I can stand long enough to take pictures of everything.  Suffice to say, I fulfilled a couple of wish list items with our tax refunds, in addition to being able to replace some things in the house that desperately needed replacing.




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