I’m Back!

13 03 2011

I’m finally over being sick!  I’d do some handstands and cartwheels, but I’d just fall and break something important.

I told ya’ll that I’d update you with the things that I’d purchased to fulfill my annual tax-rebate wish list.  I got everything I wanted, because we did really well and took care of everything that we needed to take care of.  Having play money was a lot of fun this year:

I broke down and bought EQ7.  I *love* this program.  I still have to work my way through the lessons and re-familiarize myself with how it works, but I’m already having fun.

I gave into temptation and bought an Accuquilt GO!  I still want to buy the hexagon die and the double wedding ring, but I think those will wait until next month.  I did treat myself to an applique flower die set and the 1.5″ strip maker.

I also bought all the fabric I’ll need for my Dear Jane quilt:

The bottom of the stack? 20 yards of Sandstone solid from Connecting Threads.  Yeah, that’s a lot of fabric.  I bought 3.5 yards of the eight solids that I’ll be using.  It’s way overkill for some of the colors, but stashing solids is *not* a bad thing.
The rest of the loot?
I bought a twelve pack of bright threads from Connecting Thread (I love their thread – I get so little lint from it), two packages of flat head pins (they were on sale), some applique needles (cause there’s a beautiful applique BOM I’d love to do this year, plus some Dear Jane blocks), and the large size flip-mat that’s a cutting mat and ironing mat.
I spoiled myself this year, and I’m totally burned out on buying stuff.  I keep looking, but nothing is calling my name.  It’s almost sad, but it’s better this way.  This way I work out of my stash.
Oh! Oh! The Dear Jane fabric…  If you look at the original quilt, it’s done in a Trip Around the World setting. It’s actually kind of hard to spot – the colors are muted and there’s so many blocks it’s easy to miss.  I’ll be doing the same, but in different shades of orange/yellow and purples.  For an idea of the color progression (and I swear, there’s more variance in the lighter shades than it looks in the photo – my bad for taking the photos indoors and late at night):



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