Who’s Ready for a Quilt Along?

17 03 2011

Things are finally quieting down on my end – Super Bowl Mania is over (I’m deep in Packer Country), so work is a lot less hectic.  My mother-in-law is back from her vacation in California, so Zeb is thrilled to be spending time with Grandma again.

Plus, I got the Double Wedding die set for my GO!  I’m excited to play with that tonight.  And for those of you with GO! cutters – check out amazon.com for dies.  I got my DWR for 41% off the retail price of $89.99.  I also got my Hexagon die for about the same savings.  Interestingly enough, I only ordered them two days ago – I’m close enough to the warehouse that those come out of to have gotten them in 48 hours, and to have not paid for shipping at all.

But anyway!  The point!

The point is…

I’m going to start, in April, a Double Wedding Ring Quilt Along!  Check back here as April 2 comes closer.  I’m starting to do fabric requirements and measurements now.  I’ll be doing a few sets of requirements:  one for those who are going to use GO! cutters, the Omnigrid DWR templates, as well as a set for some templates from EQ7.

My end goal is to have a queen-sized DWR top by the end of this quilt along.  Now I just have to decide on a time frame.  I know most blog quilt alongs don’t drag on, but DWRs involve a lot of curves, and that’s an area a lot of folks just aren’t comfy in.  Don’t worry!  I’ll post lots of photos, and tips and tricks.  I’ve made two DWRs before.

What do you all think?  As far as timeline goes?  Two months? Three? Four?  Longer?  Let me know in comments!  (I tried doing a fancy schmancy poll, but it didn’t load correctly)




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