FNSI & National Quilting Day

20 03 2011

I actually managed to get sewing on Friday night –  I got the quilting done on Laffy Taffy Basket!  Well, at least I got what quilting I wanted to get done, done.  I’m debating doing more quilting to the center.  I’m at that edge where there could be *too much* quilting, and I don’t want to regret my choice and pick out a bunch of stitching.

I got the binding done today while I was at the meeting/sewing day for the Rock River Modern Quilt Guild.  There were only two of us today – Sandi and myself – but that’s okay.  It was still dedicated sewing time, which I desperately needed. EDIT:  I stand corrected – Lisa did join us for a couple of hours.  My memory being the sieve that it is… LOL

Now, I just need to make a label, attach a sleeve, and this baby can get in the mail.




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