A Start on Jane

21 03 2011

This has been an extraordinarily productive weekend for me!  Sunday evening, I cranked through six of the Dear Jane Blocks.  I have to re-do one of them – I’m not sure how it ended up the way it did, but it’s clearly in need of replacement.  But that’s a task for tonight.  I forgot to bring Fabric Color 7 with me to re-cut while I’m at lunch.

I-2 Kaye’s Courtyard
A-6 Uncle Homer
H-13 Farm Field
C-1 Trooper’s Green Badge
I-3 Family Album
I-6 Adelaide’s Apron Strings

Fifteen more and I’ll be caught up with Sandi!  Which is the goal of course – I hate being behind.  And so long as I keep pre-cutting fabrics during my odd moments of quiet, I’ll get there pretty quickly.  I’m hoping to actually be caught up by the end of the week –  there’s a quilt-along I’m seriously thinking about joining in on:

block2Beck of Sarcastic Quilter is hosting a paper-piecing quilt-along.  The block isn’t an incredibly difficult one (thank goodness – ’cause I kind of burned myself out on stupidly intricate paper-piecing recently – and on a failed project even), but it lends itself to a lot of very interesting layouts.  Check out her introductory post here.  Beck gives you a supply list, several layout and color options, as well as yardages.




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