Another DWR Teaser

31 03 2011

This is what I’m thinking of doing, but I’m so tempted to throw the towel in on this color palette and go with the black background with pink and aqua circles.  This just doesn’t have the same visual pop for me… Hmm…  What if I go with purple and yellow?

Now, I’m sure you’ve all noticed that I’m working these samples up in fairly limited color palettes.  Why?  Because I get really, really bored dropping different colors into EQ7.  I’m not kidding, lol.  I love the program, but I spend 90% of my day working on the computer, so I tend to try to transition from work to my sewing machine with as little computer time as possible.

Also, I like the look of the limited color palettes.  For me, it does a lot to modernize this classic quilt pattern.  And, honestly, I’ve done a scrappy DWR, so I’m not eager to re-tread creative ground:

Obligatory Cat Cleaning Herself Included

But don’t let my current color freakiness off put you to a scrappy look.  Take a look at the following mosaic for some further color inspiration:


Check back on Saturday, 4/2/2001.  I’ll be posting fabric requirements and a recommended supply list for the quilt along.  I’ll also have a blog button up if you’d like to advertise your involvement in your own side bar.




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