Friday Night Sew-in – What I Did

18 06 2011

I actually managed to do some sewing for this FNS! Amazing, right?!

Tonight was all about chain piecing – I need a frightening number of subunits for my Double Wedding Ring project – 161 of each color arc. That’s what I did for quite a while…

So, what I have right now are 95 green arcs (need 66 more) and 34 orange arcs (need 100 more and lots more pieces!). I have to count out the number of centers and footballs to make sure I have the right numbers – I bought extra Kona Berry in case I needed it.

While I was at work yesterday, I decided that I had to participate in the Farmer’s Wife Quilt-Along, so I sent the 111 page document of paper-piecing templates to my local OfficeMax to print this evening. I’ve also decided that I essentially have to start over on my Dear Jane blocks – the six or so that I completed have been scattered all over the apartment and are looking pretty sad. Rather than wash them and pray, I’m just going to start fresh and newly ambitious.

I know… I must be insane. TWO sampler quilt projects, a DWR, the tutorial series…  I also made a pact with Sandi that we’re going to each enter the local quilt show in May of 2010 2011, so I want to get start quilting the top I’ve decided will be my entry.

Anyway, I’m rambling. Time for to get started cutting fabrics again. Progress to be made yet today!




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