Farmer’s Wife QAL – #001 Attic Windows & #002 Autumn Tints

21 06 2011
Block #001 – Attic Windows
Block #002 – Autumn Tints
I’ve decided to paper-piece the majority of my blocks. I’m experimenting with using Carol Doak’s Foundation Paper, and am pleased with the results so far. I’ve tried printing about ten blocks in two different printers, with only one paper jam. It tears easily but isn’t so flimsy that I’m frustrated with it.
I’m limiting my fabric choices to stash for the moment, and further limiting it to bright tone on tone prints,with rare inclusions of neutrals. I’m still in that phase where I’m waiting for paychecks from the new job to kick in, so I’m trying to not buy fabric.
As I’m going along, I’m going to work my way backwards and review some of the more complicated blocks toward the end of the sequence in the book. A lot of the paper-piecing groupings just don’t make sense to me, and, since I have EQ7, I’m having to re-draw the blocks. Since I’m going through the effort anyway, I’ll be making them available here and on the Flickr group. The next blocks to be worked on will be #017 and #057.



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