Attack of the Farmer’s Wife

27 09 2011

I’m finally back to my Farmer’s Wife blocks. I’ve already decided that I’m going to call this quilt The Farmer’s Widow. Why? Because I just wasn’t happy with the randomly scrappy blocks at all. Mind you, I love scrappy. Just not uncontrolled scrappy. I’m happiest having control over my color palette.

I decided everything needed a touch of neutral fabrics/colors in order to tie the blocks together. I haven’t decided on my setting or sashing yet. I’m not sure that I want to just sash them and call it done. I’ll think I’d like my setting to not be so simple as plain sashing.

#002 Autumn Tints

I love the big circle print. The circles are perfectly 3″ in diameter, perfect for this block. It’s got a great weight and feel to it. And, would you believe that it’s a Walmart fabric?!? I promise, I’m not kidding. I took a chance a few shopping trips ago and saw that Walmart had precuts on clearance. Regular price works out to be $5 a yard. I think I paid $3.50 a yard. I’m pleasantly surprised!

Farmer's Widow
#004 Basket Weave

I switched the way the quadrants were laid out, to avoid  the look of a swastika. I also wanted to make sure that the lighter fabrics were on the outside, in case I decided to sash or set with a darker fabric.

Farmer's Widow
#009 Box

Super easy block to put together. I think it took me maybe fifteen minutes of sewing, tops. I just can’t imagine using templates when rotary cutting a block like this is so much faster.

Farmer's Widow
#012 Broken Sugar Bowl

I couldn’t see wasting the extra HSTs I would have had leftover from the strips I used to put #009 Box together, so I just used the same fabrics in this block. I like the contrast of the super red print against the gray.

Farmer's Widow
#016 Calico Puzzle

Another super easy block. I really love the plum color against the mustardy green print. I think it gives this block a very Asian feel.

That’s it for the Farmer’s Wife/Widow blocks today. Keep an eye out here. I’ve a bunch of bright blocks that I made for this quilt sampler that just don’t work for the new color palette. I’ll be giving those away here. I’ll also be hosting a give-away for an entire quilt top. It’s time for me to just start letting go of some projects.




3 responses

27 09 2011

glad you are back at the FWQS, your new pallet is very bold and beautiful.I love scrappy quilts but i agree they need some sort of theme in colour or style

27 09 2011

I love the new colour palette (did when you previewed it in your last FW post too). It's going to make for one stunning quilt. I agree with you that if going scrappy, there needs to be something that ties the scraps together.

4 10 2011

I also like ordered scrappiness!

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