I Hate My Brain…

30 09 2011

I’ve finished Urban Worm, gotten back on the horse with the Farmer’s Wife Sampler, and have actually been feeling creative. So, I turned my attention to the Kona Cotton Challenge once again. I’d actually designed a top for it in EQ7:

I like it. It’s very traditional, very pretty… and would have made for a crap ton of piecing, and more effective with yardage, not charms. Not exactly what I was going for.

So, my brain has been stewing on this conundrum. In my sleep. I woke up two days ago with the image of a design burning a hole in my consciousness. It would not leave me alone. So I finally got a chance to draw it out and make some tweaks to this design:

The flying geese that are all the same color – that’s just a placeholder color for while I play around with the charm pack and figure out what gradients are getting used. And now I have an almost pathological need to get a Kona color card, so that I can make up the gradients that the charm pack isn’t going to provide me with.

And yes, those are flying geese on a curve.

I am a sick, sick person.




8 responses

1 10 2011

You may be ill, but they are both wonderful designs!

1 10 2011

Ohhhhhh, that new design is just WOW- the first one is amazing too, but just wow for the seond! Go for it!! I can hardly wait to see it finished ūüôā

1 10 2011

I don't know, Jeannie, I kinda like your brain. Your new design is fantastic – perfect for the challenge.

1 10 2011

Ack! That "i" slipped in there by mistake…

1 10 2011

Both of those are gorgeous. And if made up in solids as drawn, I think they would make stunning quilts.

2 10 2011
Hitch and Thread

You are sick but I can't wait to see the curved flying geesecome to life!

4 10 2011

Both quilts are very beautiful. I can't wait to watch the flying geese come to life!

4 10 2011

Oh my! I love it but it does look a bit complicated (as does your more traditional quilt above).

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