Some Steps to Health

17 11 2011

I’ve talked a little bit about my health here before… Not much, because I’ve always wanted the focus of this blog to be my sewing, not my personal life. However, I’ve recently started feeling a lot of internal pressure to make better choices for myself.

As you all know, my mother-in-law recently had her left knee replaced. What you don’t know is that my father has had a lot of health issues in the last couple of years, involving everything from having his gall bladder removed to a diagnosis of COPD. He’s been getting his high blood pressure under control and is eating better…

Which is all great, and wonderful, and I’m proud of him and desperately happy to know he’ll be around longer to see his grandson grow older…

But these health issues in the ones I love have just been making my anxiety over my own health just skyrocket. I’ve had a couple of anxiety attacks and have been growing steadily more morose over my body image. So, rather than let this drag me down some more, I took things in hand…

I purchased two-year memberships at a local fitness center for myself and my husband Wednesday afternoon.

Hubby is thrilled, which is surprising to me, and has reached out for this chance to feel better about himself with both hands. He’s especially happy that there is a pool available for him to swim in.

For myself, I went both Wednesday afternoon and today after work. I’m taking things slowly – it’s been a while since I had access to fitness equipment, and I don’t want to cause an injury to myself that would discourage me from returning. Wednesday I simply took advantage of the treadmills and walked a mile. Today, I biked two miles, and walked another two. Not sure if I’ll go Friday evening – my head cold is becoming worse, and I’d rather not spread the disease.

Hubby actually questioned the number of small colds I’ve had this fall so far – the answer seemed fairly obvious to me. I’ve been working in IT now for just under six months. That’s six months in which my physical activity has been reduced to practically nothing. I have always been less likely to catch something the more physically active I am. Now I sit at a desk for eight or more hours a day, just to return home and veg on the sofa for a while. I think my limited access to people is the only thing saving me from a bout with the flu!

So, anyway… As cheesy as it sounds, I’m finally giving myself the gift of health. I’m giving myself permission to take an hour or more each day and focus on truly feeling better. This isn’t about losing weight – this is about feeling my age and being free to run around with my son without getting winded. This is about being able to take stairs and not have my knees twinge with every step.

This is about giving myself a healthier future, where my body is working with me, not against me.




8 responses

18 11 2011

Hurrah! Good luck with it!

18 11 2011

Good luck with it all!

18 11 2011

This is the single most important thing you can do for your physical self. I did this a couple of years ago and don't regret it.

18 11 2011

So happy for you that you have taken this first step and ALSO that you have given yourself "permission" to use the time for this!Congratulations! You GO girl!!

18 11 2011
Hitch and Thread

Sometimes it's hardest to do things for ourselves rather than others. Well done!

20 11 2011

Congrats and good luck 😉

12 12 2011

We are on the same wavelength! I joined "Curves" today, after sitting in front of the computer 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, for a year. Believe it or not, I used to be fit and in-shape! I need that back 🙂 Good for you – I look forward to reading of your success!

1 09 2012

It is really good that you are working on your health. Remember though, that having young ones, can help you catch colds and such. Small children can have several colds in a month. Good luck.

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