I Fail at Fabric Dieting

9 02 2012

It’s that magical time of year, far better than Christmas or birthdays or anniversaries (at least for me).

It’s tax rebate time!!

Now, I was a good adult and paid off all of the credit cards and got caught up on the bills. I bought a (truly awesome) dining set for a steal because we needed a real place for us to gather as a family and eat together. We bought our son a new Cars bed and a Cars toilet training seat, because he’s currently obsessed with Lightning McQueen. We replaced headlights in cars.

So, in short, we’ve done all the things we should have done with our refund money.

Then, because there was a little money left over, and I really, really, really want to make Erin Russek’s My Tweets (the link leads you to Erin’s Etsy shop for the patten for the center). This was Erin’s Block of the Month for last year, and I faithfully downloaded all of her patterns (which are now also available in her Etsy shop).

Anyway, I digress from the point of this post, sort of. In my quest for the perfect fabrics for this pattern, I went on a little buying fling… Well, more of a spree.

Okay, honestly?

I went crazy.

I started at Joann’s:

And found this really nice blue solid, a whole bolt of it. And I had a 50% off coupon. So I bought everything on the bolt. There was something like 9 3/8 yards. I also found the print on the right, which I decided went perfectly with the solid, and bought three yards of that.
Cotton Crack

There was a 30% off the cotton prints sale about a week later. I treated myself to a half yard each of the fabrics pictured above. There’s sort of a plan emerging here.

But it wasn’t enough!!

Because I realized I was super low on white thread. Connecting Threads to the rescue:


Ten spools of white in my cart later, and I still needed more in the cart to make the minimum for free shipping. So I hit up the clearance fabrics:

Connecting Threads Order

I ended up with a half yard of each, except for the last fabric. I got a full yard of the gray and yellow scroll fabric.

And, still, not enough!!

I paid a digital visit to Fat Quarter Shop. BIG MISTAKE! Not that I could be dissuaded from hitting the ‘Buy’ button. I’ve never purchased so much designer fabric in my life:

Fat Quarter Shop Order, Part 1

The orange is Happy Mochi Yumyum. The two on the right are from Joel Dewberry’s Heritage Line. I can’t remember what line the gray came out of.

Everything else pictured below, I got a half yard of. Apparently, I’m experiencing an obsession with Pat Bravo at the moment, because I ended up with a ton of her prints.

Fat Quarter Shop Order, Part 2
Fat Quarter Shop Order, Part 3
Fat Quarter Shop Order, Part 4
Fat Quarter Shop Order, Part 5

There is now a ridiculous amount of fabric on my table waiting for me to get busy and start cutting.

I can’t wait to get home!




8 responses

9 02 2012

And a big fat fail it was! What riches of fabrics! Good for you!

9 02 2012

i am proud of you! you deserved a fabric binge!!!

9 02 2012

But being so bad can feel so good! Great buys! I love CT Essentials thread but I wonder why you didn't just buy the giant cone? I'm not being critical just genuinely curious. I'm not big into tangerine but I love the prints you picked up. Have fun!

9 02 2012

Lovely stash additions!

9 02 2012

What fun!

9 02 2012

HeHe He, Is there any left out there for the rest of us??? Can't wait to see what becomes of it all

9 02 2012


12 02 2012

Ha! This post is the story of my life. But, I'm gonna harness myself better on this stashing stuff. Oy.Great finds! And I also stocked up on that thread. It works really well with my machine.

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