Fresh Sewing Day, March 2012 Edition

1 03 2012
Fresh Sewing Day, March 2012

1. The Complete Quilt, Front, 2. The Complete Quilt, Back, 3. The Quilt Label, 4. Not available, 5. Progress Thus Far, 6. #091 Strawberry Basket, 7. #069 Practical Orchard, 8. #103 Whirlwind, 9. #098 Water Wheel, 10. #089 Steps to the Altar, 11. #064 Peace and Plenty, 12. #107 Windblown Square, 13. #070 Prairie Queen, 14. #062 Old Windmill, 15. #061 Northern Lights, 16. #068 Postage Stamp

It’s the beginning of a new month! Which means it’s time for Lily’s Quilts Fresh Sewing Day. I thought it would be fun to go over what I’d posted in February that was actually sewing-related, and not about stash enhancements.

Right at the beginning of February, I was able to post my first (and may only) finish of 2012! Cheating on the Farmer’s Wife sprang out of my need to do something fairly simple to piece. It went along swimmingly, and quickly.

Until I got to quilting. Then I decided that I had to do straight line quilting throughout the entirety of the quilt, and only 1/2″ apart. Still, I’m really happy with it, despite the stupid amount of hours I put into it.

Nine more Farmer’s Wife blocks done through out the month. I’m nearly done with the blocks that are easily rotary cut. I think I have maybe a dozen more like that. After that, everything is either a paper-pieced block or on a grid that makes me go a little crazy. Those will probably end up being paper-pieced as well.

Pretty good progress. Now I need to get cracking on my WIPs and UFOs. It’d be nice so have something else finished this year.




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1 03 2012

Just popped over from Lily's. Love your farmer's wife blocks!

1 03 2012

I love the colors & fabrics in your northern lights block 🙂 Happy March 1st!

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