Feeding a Cold with Some Sewing

3 03 2012

This stupid cold has my nose raw and irritated. I keep forgetting that the human body can produce so much freaking snot – I have tissues stationed all around the house, because at any moment, my nose will run like a faucet.

So, in between keeping myself hydrated and popping anti-congestion pills, I’ve been piecing blocks. Mostly just re-dos, to replace all of the blocks that had cream in them, because my eye kept getting drawn to them, and I didn’t like their lack of cohesion with the rest of the blocks.

#056 Maple Leaf
#056 Maple Leaf

This was the only non-replacement block today. I decided to experiment with a plaid fabric in the background. I’m really pleased, especially against the contrast of the delicacy of the green paisley.

#026 Cut Glass Dish
#026 Cut Glass Dish

I was never really happy with his particular block when I first made it. The fabrics I used were too heavy for the smaller HSTs, leading to some cut-off points that made my eye twitch. Plus, I just needed to use the citrus-y fabric again. It’s a great print for fussy-cutting.

#004 Basketweave
#004 Basket Weave

I like this block much better now that it’s brighter. And I’m really liking orange and pink together.

#081 Snowball
#081 Snowball

This is the third time I’ve made this block now. I had to go back and re-do it. Why? That second time I used some of the oldest fabrics in my stash. Every time I look at it, my eye twitched. So, I changed it out.

So, not a ton of actual progress, but I feel better about the blocks that I have. The only block I have left to replace is Attic Windows.




2 responses

4 03 2012

whoa that cut glass dish block is stunning! great fussycutting and precised piecing on those tiny hsts!

4 03 2012

I absolutely love the fabric combo on that first one. You've been busy!!

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