Still Chugging Along

5 03 2012

Despite the head cold migrating into my throat, making me lose my voice, and then feeling a need to sleep most of the day away on the couch, I managed to get some sewing done yesterday. I cut the fabric for eight Farmer’s Wife blocks, and managed to piece three.

#080 Single Wedding Star
#080 Single Wedding Star

The points on this one aren’t perfect, but I’m thinking they’re within acceptable margins for the OCD side of my personality.

#095 Temperance Tree
 #095 Temperance Tree

Now that I’ve done a few of these blocks with so many tiny HSTs in them, I’m being very selective about fabrics. I’m making sure they’re thinner cottons, so that bulk is decreased, even though I’m already ironing all seams open at this size.

#085 Square Dance
#085 Square Dance

I put this block off until I found the right fabric, because it looked so boring. I think I hit on just the right fabric with this print. It’s a Kate Spain fabric, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. This way, it looks more like a pretty tiling.

With these three blocks, I think I’m at 59 total. That means I’m over the halfway mark if I decide to only make the blocks in the book. At this point, however, I’m pretty sure I want to do a different setting, and it’s going to require 122 blocks. So, really, I haven’t hit the halfway mark yet. Almost, but not quite.

It’s a good thing I have so many block resources to refer to!




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5 03 2012

sounds like a nasty bug you have caught. Hope you are feeling better soon. I have just finished the 111 blocks of FW and wish i had checked the dimensions against my bed before i put the blocks together. We have a Queen sized "Federation" style bed with an end on it. The quilt fits side to side rather than top to bottom. That means the blocks will run sideways. A King size quilt on a divan style bed would be much better… so if thats what you have , make the extra blocks.

5 03 2012
Highland Monkey's

Your blocks are lovely. Sounds like you have a way to go with the square dance. Hope you feel better soon.

6 03 2012

It's interesting that you bring up the OCD. Jacob has administered many lectures to me on just that topic. I fuss and fret over any imperfection. It was eye-opening to me to see the quilts on display as winners at the Minnesota State Fair … and to see that up close, many of them had the within-one-stitch issues that I saw as errors within my own work.He's trying to teach me to let go a little. We'll see. 🙂

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