Saturday Block Attack

11 03 2012

This weekend is pretty much a sewing weekend. Today is Stitch N’ Bitch. Yesterday, Zeb was super cooperative and independent, and I got to sew my heart out.

#027Darting Birds
#027 Darting Birds

This is actually my second attempt at this particular block. I wasn’t as careful as I should have been in the cutting steps, so it was considerably less than stellar, and definitely not up to my standards. Much happier with his second attempt.

#044 Gentleman's Fancy
#044 Gentleman’s Fancy

Since I did Economy with black fabric, I decided to use white as the neutral in this one. If I’d been thinking ahead a bit more, I’d have gone with something other than orange. It wasn’t until I uploaded the photos of the blocks I did yesterday that I realized that most of them had orange in them. *facepalm*

#023 Country Farm
#023 Country Farm

Paper-pieced because I didn’t want to figure out the math for the QSTs. Nice and quick to go together.

#087 Star Gardener
#087 Star Gardener

More 1″ finished HSTs. I’m very ready to be done with HSTs this small. Speaking of HSTs, I have a lot of leftover HSTs from this project. I’ve decided to save them in a baggie. When I fill the baggie, I’m going to piece a scrappy HST top from them.

#014 Butterfly at the Crossroads
#014 Butterfly at the Crossroads

Some fussy cutting and a really fun black and white print. I initially paper-pieced this block, but was less than thrilled with how it turned out. So, I started over.

I ended up adjusting the size of the pieces so that the five by five grid worked better on a six inch scale. The patches in the corner quadrants all finish at 1.25″ square. The sashing units, however, I did at 1″ wide, to account for the extra .05″ added to the corner quadrant patches.

I’ll likely be doing this for all of the 5 x 5 grid blocks from the book.




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