Last Week’s Blocks

26 03 2012

I actually pieced these all last week, on Thursday evening. I’d meant to post them during the day on Friday but then I got distracted with spending time with the family and cleaning before I disappeared for a road trip to St. Paul. More on the trip in a later post, because it was AWESOME!

#063 Ozark Maple Leaf
#063 Ozark Maple Leaf

I’ve actually had the pieces for this particular block cut for a couple of weeks. I just kept skipping over it, despite its relatively quick and easy construction. Ah, well. It’s done now!

#046 Hill and Valley
#046 Hill and Valley

A very low contrast block – it’s actually more attractive in person. However, I need a few blocks like this to make everything work well together. I’m still feeling these red-violet/raspberry colored fabrics.

#075 Rosebud
#075 Rosebud

A bit of carelessness led to me having to re-piece one of the quadrants. Those big HSTs in the quadrants? Yeah, I sewed one on in the wrong direction, and then cut it, so I didn’t have a rosebud in the end. No big deal. I caught the error before I cut all four quadrants.

#076 Sawtooth
#076 Sawtooth

I’m having a lot of fun picking fabrics for these blocks. I like to pair the unexpected. Here, a very contemporary print by Kate Spain with a Joann’s Fabrics damask print.




2 responses

26 03 2012
Needled Mom

Very nice. Those are going to look fabulous together.

26 03 2012
quirky granola girl

you are plugging along on these! i might have around 70 blocks, too ūüôā and i think my setting needs 121.

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