Sewing Progress

29 03 2012

I know, I know. I haven’t posted about the trip yet. Writing time since getting back has been very slim, and I’d rather do some justice to the trip, since the shopping was awesome, and the people more so!

Hexagon Flowers

I started this project on a whim months ago, and got the two blue-ish flowers done. Then I stopped. For a long, long time. Needing something to keep me awake, I pulled this project out right before leaving on Saturday morning. I had just enough time before Sandi arrived to cut some more hexagons with the Accuquilt GO!

More Flowers

I completed three flowers while on the drive. Clearly, I’ve decided to use brown for all of the centers. Why? I don’t like using brown in my quilts, so I’m going to burn up what I have in my stash with this project.

Wait until you see the next flower! Let’s just say it involves a certain *ahem* adult-themed fabric.

#040 Friendship Block
#040 Friendship Block

Slightly blurry photo, but, frankly, I’m too lazy to take another. It’s way late 🙂 Paper-pieced, by the way.

I used two coordinating prints from an older collection in my stash. I love this collection so much, but never cut into the majority of its coordinating prints out of fear. They’re very busy, and I wanted to be sure about the project they would go into, as I’d never bought so much out of one line before.

#045 Grape Basket
#045 Grape Basket

I couldn’t resist the fabric I picked up on the St. Paul trip, so all of the blocks I’ve pieced since getting back are out of what I purchased. This one came together easily. Again, I altered the sizes of the patches in order to make it rotary friendly. When it’s not so late, I’ll go back to Flickr and add patches sizes in the notes on this block.

#052 Hovering Hawks
#052 Hovering Hawks

Mmm… white and grey polka dots on yellow, and more grey. I swear, I was in heaven shopping on this trip! I ended up paper-piecing the large HSTs in the opposing corners, because my brain wasn’t letting quilty math happen.

#101 Wedding Ring
#101 Wedding Ring

Again, fabrics from the new purchases, except for the white tone-on-tone. This is probably the only block from this particular sampler in which I’ve nearly matched the colors as done by the author, but it’s more grey and yellow, and I have so much more than I did 🙂

Again, I altered the sizes of the patches in order to make it rotary friendly. I’ll go back to Flickr and add patches sizes in the notes on this block at a later time.

Seventy five patches into the Farmer’s Wife. I have three more blocks in the Farmer’s Wife that can be rotary cut easily. The rest, some thirty-four of them (one a re-make), I feel will be better served by paper-piecing. After that, I can turn my attention to the deciding which blocks to make to get to 122 blocks for my setting.




2 responses

29 03 2012
Needled Mom

What beautiful blocks!!!!

29 03 2012
quirky granola girl

thanks for playing along in the quilt along. your blocks look great!

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