Crawling Towards Completion

31 03 2012

Thirty-seven more blocks to go. Three of them are do-overs, and one needs a m. I’m feeling an urge to actually quilt and finish something though, so I need to pick up some batting soon and finish out a top or two.

#105 Wild Goose Chase
#105 Wild Goose Chase

I totally did not intend for the pink geese to be so perfectly fussy cut – the fabric has a tiling look to it, and I wanted to capture more pink than green. Still, it actually looks really good. I’m kind of sad that the ‘sky’ for the green geese looks more randomly cut, but I’m so not going back.

#106 Wild Rose and Square
#106 Wild Rose and Square

I was not ready to do another red or pink block, and I’ve used too much gray for backgrounds lately. I let the squares in the corners determine my other fabric choices.

#013 Buckwheat
#013 Buckwheat

Paper-pieced,  and some old favorites from the fabric stash.




One response

18 05 2012

I adore that cabinet!! And look at all your blocks, I know where to come when it is my turn to pick in the bee :)Hope you are feeling better and all your family is healthy again soon–

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