Fresh Sewing Day, June 2012 Edition

1 06 2012

Month of May

1. Stargazing 2, 2. Stargazing 1, 3. BOM_2012_Lily, 4. BOM_2012_Prickly_Pear, 5. BOM_2012_Tangled_Briars, 6. BOM_2012_Rosebud, 7. BOM_2012_Moss_Rose, 8. BOM_2012_Shasta_Daisy_Ver_2

Not much done over the course of May. Some swap blocks, some BOM blocks. Not pictured are the six scrappy string blocks I got through. As I’d said previously, I’d started creative writing venture that ate my brain. However, I’m ready to step back over to the sewing side of things. I really want to finish something, and soon.

Link up with Fresh Sewing Day below:

Lily's Quilts



8 responses

1 06 2012
Heidi Staples

Love those blocks!

1 06 2012

Thank you! I’m really enjoying the BOM, and swaps are so fun to participate in!

1 06 2012

The star quilt will be wonderful when it is done :):)

1 06 2012

I think so, too! I’m looking forward to making quite a bit of progress on this quilt top this weekend.

1 06 2012

I’ve just subscribed, here! You seem to have imported your whole blog. I hadn’t realised that was possible. I think wordpress blogs often look more professional and I’ve often wondered about the pros and cons of wordpress v blogger. I think I should look into it a bit more. But as a reader, I wouldn’t want my whole blogger blog list turning up in my email box every day…

1 06 2012

It’s very easy to import the whole blog – quite literally the click of a button!

I’m probably going to switch over reading my blogs in Google Reader, but I haven’t decided yet. I get enough email that I don’t want to read blog posts that way either!

1 06 2012

Bwahahahaha!!!! You’ve been converted to WordPress! That makes me ridiculously happy – validation of my choice, maybe? I like the look you chose. I like Google Reader for following blogs, but you can take it a step farther and put a “Next” button on your toolbar. When you click it, it takes you to the actual blog post of the next post in Google Reader. (Instead of just viewing it in the Reader.)

3 06 2012


There were many reasons for the change, not the least of which is threaded comments – which Blogger has finally implemented, but does not work if you used custom CSS, which I did. And I really didn’t feel like changing the whole look of the blog if I wasn’t going to change over to WordPress.

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