More Farmer’s Wife

4 06 2012

I got back on the horse with the Farmer’s Wife blocks. I’m on the home stretch of all the blocks that require some degree of paper-piecing (because there’s no way in heck I’m using templates for these!).  After today’s batch, I just need twenty-seven more blocks from the book itself. I still need to pick another group of blocks to flesh out the setting that I want to use.

Thankfully, I have Jinny Beyer’s The Quilter’s Album of Patchwork Patterns. I’m going to look specifically for blocks that were first published in The Farmer’s Wife magazines, just to keep a theme going. If I can’t find enough, no big deal. Really, I’ll just be happy so long as they’re easy to rotary cut.

#079 Silver Lane

#079 – Silver Lane. This one is a mix of traditional piecing and paper-piecing.

#074 Ribbons

#074 – Ribbons. Paper-pieced, with some extraneous seams removed.

#060 Noon and Light

#060 Noon & Light – I love that gray background fabric. It’s Parson Gray.

#058 Mother's Dream

#058 Mother’s Dream – Some favorite prints. I love the contrast of the prints.

#057 Morning

#057 Morning – Again, paper-pieced with some extraneous seams removed.

#033 Farmer's Puzzle

#033 Farmer’s Puzzle – I might end up re-doing this particular block, as there’s very little contrast in between the purple fabric and the background fabric.




6 responses

5 06 2012

i love your silver lane block. i just have one block left out of 121. and now i’m stalling again… maybe because i have at least 6 blocks to redo.

5 06 2012

I’m so excited for you that you’re so close to done! I should have done more sewing last month! Ah, well! Plenty of time this month to get to where I want to be.

5 06 2012
Rosa, Copenhagen

I have read so much about Farmer’s Wife quilts – they are so lovely. I hope one day to feel confident to start making one:-)
Great blocks!

5 06 2012

In all honesty, I feel like half of the blocks in the book are easily tackled by quilters of all skill levels. A little patience and some practice will go a long way in helping you conquer the rest of the blocks. I’d go for it, and start with the blocks you feel comfortable working with.

6 06 2012

Your blocks are lovely and well done for doing so many. I started the fw but the templates drove me mad!

6 06 2012
Grey Cat Quilts

I flat-out refuse to use templates. Just refuse. I started quilting by hand-sewing, and hand cutting everything with templates. Never again.

Plus, at least half of the blocks in this book are easily produced using rotary cutting. That’s how I got through the first 75 or so. Now, I’m on the remaining blocks that require paper-piecing (or, I’m using paper-piecing as a technique, because otherwise it’s templates).

Quilting has come a long way since I started – I’ve gone from doing everything by hand to have two sewing machines. Yeah, I’m not really eager to step back in time.

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