6 06 2012

Some days, I wonder why I bother setting needle to fabric.

Last night, I was kiddo free – Zeb was spending the evening with Grandma. So, I figured I’d make some further headway on the Farmer’s Wife blocks.

Four and a half hours later, I had ONE useable block.




I’m on the  home stretch, really I am. I just have twenty-seven twenty-six block left in the book. Most of them require a degree of paper-piecing.

I started with Periwinkle, which is a really simple four-pointed star block, comprised of a background fabric and two other prints/solids. I managed to mentally reduce this to one print/solid while I pieced it. I ended up with the most boring Periwinkle block ever.

I trashed that one, and decided to start on Shooting Star.

Stupid me – I let EQ7 derive the paper-piecing templates. I should have done it myself – EQ7 isn’t always intelligent enough to make the paper-piecing templates as intuitive as they could be. So, I trashed what I’d stared, since points weren’t going to meet without a dramatic amount of bulk that could have been prevented.

So then I moved on to Peaceful Hours. No problem. Easy! Except I immediately reversed color placements.

Needless to say, I quit at that point. Just quit. It just wasn’t worth the pain and suffering.


So what am I doing tonight?

Well, I’m sewing, of course!




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8 06 2012

Your amazing!

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