Chugging Along

8 06 2012

I’ve made more progress, but I’m very ready to be done piecing Farmer’s Wife Blocks and move onto putting the top together. Twenty-two more blocks from the book, and another nine to get to the full 121 needed.

#077 Seasons#077 Seasons

Totally addicted to the Parson Gray fabric here. I need more of it. I wanted to see how it would play with this pink gingham, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

#094 Tall Pine Tree#094 Tall Pine Trees

Paper pieced for accuracy, and a couple of extraneous seams removed to reduce bulk and increase sanity. I’d tried rotary cutting this block, but kept borking the quilt-y math, so I gave in.

#086 Squash Blossom#086 Squash Blossom

Paper-pieced, obviously. I’m far too lazy to have rotary cut all those 45 degree angles. Got into a couple of fabrics that hadn’t met my scissors yet.

#066 Periwinkle

#066 Periwinkle

I love the background fabric here. It’s  one of my favorite prints. I’m very happy with how this block turned out.

#059 Night and Day

#059 Night and Day

I wish I could have found a whole bolt of the grey and white fabric used in this block. Joann’s only had it in fat quarters 😦

Five more done in this batch. I wonder how many  more I can get done tonight and tomorrow.




2 responses

8 06 2012

Beautiful piecing!!

10 06 2012

your seasons block is really sweet.

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