More Blocks, and a Quilt-Along

13 06 2012

Yes, more Farmer’s Wife blocks. Sorry, folks. I’m kind of obsessed.

#065 Peaceful Hours#65 Peaceful Hours

I love this block now that I’m done with it, though I’m not sure  that I’d call the hours spent piecing it ‘peaceful’. The first attempt failed abysmally, because I forgot to override EQ7’s auto-grouping for paper-piecing. Then, I immediately borked color placements. I had to give up in self-disgust that first time around. Second time around proved to be less painful, thank goodness.

#082 Spider Legs#082 Spider Legs

I remembered (ha!) what a pain in the butt Wood Lily (very similar in construction to Spider Legs) was with thicker fabrics and deliberately picked a background fabric that would play nice with the smaller pieces. Unfortunately, I failed to notice the yellow stain on it. I’m going to attempt to spot wash it before I give in a re-make this block.

#078 Shooting Star

#078 Shooting Star

This was another where I’d forgotten to override EQ7’s auto-grouping. This is block was also done primarily from my scraps. You’d think I’d make more use of them for these blocks, but I somehow never think of it.

#083 Spiderweb

#083 Spiderweb

Really easy to piece, though it doesn’t meet as nicely in the middle as I’d like. I’m ignoring that slight flaw, because I’ll forget once this quilt is done and quilted.

#047 Homemaker#047 Homemaker

Ignore the terrible quality of the photo – my camera is dying by inches, and I’m not ready to buy a replacement yet. Anyway, this one was paper-pieced in five sections, and then ironed to a fare-thee-well. Used some oldies but goodies from the stash.

So, in reality, I actually have 20 blocks in the book left 😦 I somehow counted two that are in the re-do pile. Ah, well. More piecing practice, I guess.

In other news, I need to join the Mario Quilt Along hosted by Angela of Cut to Pieces. There’s already a Flickr group and I’ve got the button in my side bar! Hubby gave me puppy-dog eyes when I showed him the preview, and I’m pretty sure that my son will love the quilt too!




4 responses

13 06 2012

More great blocks! I love spiders legs 🙂

14 06 2012
Grey Cat Quilts

It’s one of my favorites, too!

13 06 2012

These are so beautiful!

14 06 2012
Grey Cat Quilts

Thank you!

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