99 Blocks on the Wall…

20 06 2012

Well, in a pile on my dining room table. In alphabetical order.

Seriously, folks, I’m counting down the days until I can stop piecing these blocks. I need twelve more from the book, and another nine to fill my quota  for the quilt top. Twenty-one more.





Just ignore the crazy quilter in the corner, frothing at the mouth when this is all over.

#097 Waste Not#097 Waste Not

Paper-pieced, because I didn’t feel like figuring out angles. Super quick and easy. I’m fairly certain that the cream and aqua fabric is a Anne Maria Horner. Fairly surprised by its transparency. Maybe I actually bought a voile?

#099 W.C.T.U.#099 W.C.T.U.

More of  the pink gingham, which I seriously adore. I believe the green fabric is a Pat Bravo. Mostly  paper-pieced, because I know that I would never have gotten this right in the wee hours, which is when I normally sew.

#108 Windmill#108 Windmill

Done entirely out of the scrap bag(s), and with more symmetry than in the book. I have a thing about balance…

#096 Tulip#096 Tulip

Again, not nearly as scrappy as the block in the book. I just couldn’t do it. My need for symmetry won out.

#032 Farmer's Daughter#032 Farmer’s Daughter

The very last of the rotary friendly blocks! Also done from the scrap bags, and taking inspiration from a swap block I did recently.

#088 Star of Hope#088 Star of Hope

Paper-pieced because of being based on a 5-grid.

#035 Flower Basket#035 Flower Basket

There are something like five basket blocks in the Farmer’s Wife Sampler. I cannot tell you how tired I am of basket blocks.

#073 Rainbow Flowers Redux#073 Rainbow Flowers

Another do-over. I’ve misplaced the original attempt at this block, which is fine. I didn’t like my first attempt at it. Much happier now with the more saturated colors and more interesting prints.




5 responses

20 06 2012

this is another great batch of blocks. i still have one block left and 7 do-overs, but i’ve been sashing like a mad woman and starting to piece them 8 at a time. have you chosen sashing fabric?

20 06 2012
Grey Cat Quilts

I’ve decided on a setting… I want to finish the blocks before I get into deciding on what goes where, since it’ll be more of a scrappy setting, rather than sashing them.

20 06 2012

Great set of blocks… It makes me want to start one tonight.

20 06 2012
Grey Cat Quilts

Thank you! These have been fun – I’m just ready to be done with this quilt. The end is in sight, and I’m starting to feel the burn!

27 08 2014

I’m playing cachutp on blog reading and so sorry I missed the vote. But love your quilt backs. It takes time to make backs like that – and it’s art for both sides of the quilt. I often turn my quilts over and they’re pretty plain on the back. Also love the ME quilting. At our LQS, they have a beautiful quilt that was pieced and basted and then each block was quilted in the machine. One just has to be careful to manage the weight of the quilt so it doesn’t affect the movement of the embroidery machine. I am like you that I like the continuous designs too. EmbLib has some good ones.

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